The 9 Healthiest Caterers in America

If you are looking into catering companies for an event, you know that price isn’t the only consideration – especially if you’re searching for a recurring event (such as a weekly office breakfast caterer).  Nutrition matters and everyone performs better with better fuel.

Trying to decide on a company to use can be a daunting task with so many out there.  Instead of racking your brain over and over, stop and take a look at the healthiest nationwide catering companies in the US.

When making your menu decisions, you can make sure you order from a company that has the seasonal items you may be looking for. If you want light food with fresh ingredients for spring events, you will want to consider restaurants that serve sandwiches, salad, and light fare.  If it is summer time and you want to have a backyard party, you might stick with a menu that has more grilled food options. And, in the fall, you might opt for a more homestyle meal to have comfort food and drinks with some friends. If you don’t want to stick to the in-season type menus, then switch it up and order whatever you desire from the numerous options.

Whichever your season and type of event, there are a number of nationwide caterers that offer healthy, nutritious food at reasonable prices.  To assist with narrowing down the long list of fast food catering companies out there, take a look at the 9 healthiest caterers in America.

  1. Boston Market
    This food chain has the comfort food you dream of, plus it caters too!  The menu has traditional Boston Market favorites like rotisserie chicken, meatloaf, ribs, mashed potatoes, mac and cheese, and creamed spinach. You can use them to cater a fall time get together, or office event.  When catering you can get the all-natural chicken or turkey rotisserie with fresh salads and the home style sides.  You can choose to have your meals served in a Buffet Style or Individual Meals.  Since some people have food allergies or sensitivities, you can opt for the Gluten-free option as well. Boston Market provides low carb meals that are high in protein.


  1. Chick Fil-A
    One of the most popular meals at any party is chicken nuggets, and what better place to get them from than Chick Fil-A.  Besides nugget trays, this establishment also has wraps, biscuits, and boxed lunches.  They are available to cater any party, big or small. You can order a variety of trays and packaged meals for your party. Trays include items like salads, fruit, cookies, chicken sub sandwiches or wraps.  These trays come in a variation of sizes, so check how many people you have prior to ordering. If you decide to go the way of packaged meals, then you can do different types of chicken sandwich meals.  These are best for meetings, or if you are limited in your time. Along with these options, you can order individual menu items that would add a bit of an assortment to your event.  One exciting thing that Chick Fil-A offers, which you would normally not think is an option, is breakfast!  You can order biscuits, fruit, yogurt, and bagels. No matter what your needs are for your event, this restaurant will far exceed the expectations you set for your party. The Chick-fil-A catering menu has a lot of healthy options ideal for any event at any time of day.
  1. Moe’s Southwestern Grill
    If you want to spice up your party, the best way to do it is with some hot sauces and salsa!  Moe’s Southwestern Grill has a great catering menu with low prices and healthy options. Whether you are hosting a party for some friends, have a business function, a tailgate party, or even a wedding, Moe’s catering can handle all that you need.  This establishment serves food with warm, fresh and flavorful ingredients that will make anyone’s mouth water.  No guest will leave unsatisfied.  You can choose from full fajita (bigger portions, plus grilled onions, peppers, rice and guac), taco, nacho, and/or salad bars – yes, there are various types of bars you can have.  You can pick multiple bars to have or you can get a ‘bundle’ which is a variety of the different catering options.  Along with these bars and bundles, you can get burritos and many types of dips including queso, salsa, and their homemade guacamole. No matter what you order, you will be given free chips and salsa, just as if you were in the restaurant. If anyone in your party has dietary restrictions, these caterers are happy to work with each individual guest to customize their meal, which is way so many people with these restrictions use this restaurant. Besides handling the food, they cover the deliver and set up – tables, napkins, plates, cutlery – thus you have nothing to worry about.
  1. Panera Bread
    A caterer with a lighter fare, and sometime with a larger variety of healthy options for your guests is Panera Bread. You can order catering from Panera for any meal.  They have various breakfast options for you to choose from that range from an assortment of breads, including whole grains, and bagels, to pastries and scones. Some ingredients like the cheese is organic and the chicken is mostly hormone free as well, which is not seen often in chains.   You can have a breakfast buffet for hundreds of people that are customized and fit your needs.  You can also get custom boxed lunches or other popular bundles if you choose to go that route instead. This establishment has so many amazing options that it does not matter what kind of dietary restrictions one may have – whether there are vegetarians, people watching their calorie intake, or people who enjoy lots of protein, they will make sure everyone is feed to their liking.
  1. Subway
    Subway is a delicious restaurant that brings light fare to your office or neighborhood block party, and is filled with flavor bursting options. This establishment offers products at a great value with the provided convenience and customer service. Their catering menu has appealing options to explore like the Giants subs, piled-high sandwich platters, or convenient Subway to GO!™ meals. These meals are great for field trips and office meetings when you don’t have time to sit. You can customize your order in any way that you would like from the freshly baked bread to the vegetables and toppings.  
  1. Jimmy John’s
    Jimmy John’s is a gourmet sandwich shop that provides high end meats, cheeses, and vegetables in all their sandwiches.  Jimmy John’s catering menu prices are reasonable, and their focus on fresh ingredients makes ordering healthy options simple. Jimmy John’s prefers you order in advance, but you can also order catering from them with as little as a half hour advance notice.  One of the best items on the menu is the bucket of pickles – almost no calories, and freshly made in-store.
  1. Wegmans
    To have a stress-free gathering that meets all the needs for your party, with one of the largest arrays of food options, is Wegmans supermarket!  This market has fresh food made daily and to order with the finest ingredients. The catering experts at this facility will help you plan your menus that have seasonal favorites, along with other party favorites too.  Some of the exciting catering options include a taco bar, game day party, ham dinner, sub party, brunch, and luncheon options. Besides these, they have an assortment of salads, sandwiches, entrees, sushi , cheeses, pizza, sides, and desserts.  Whatever you are craving, Wegmans will fulfill that desire. Not only does Wegman’s cater the food, they also are able to provide partyware for your occasion.
  1. PF Changs
    This restaurant has a Chinese flare to it the gives you the Asian-fusion inspired meals that your guests will drool over while also being healthy.  Some locations will deliver so check with your local restaurant. The chefs at PF Changs use the authentic Wok-based cooking to prepare your meals from scratch. You can customize your flavoring to your guests liking.  On the catering menu you are given the option of a la carte, or you can choose from various packages. From the a la carte menu you have the choice of protein or vegetarian entrees, street fare or dim sum and then a rice and noodle side.  You can order this in either a small, medium, large, or custom size pending the amount of people you expect. PF Chang sauces can add a burst of flavor to any of your meals, thus choose your customized sauces to pack on the flavors.
  1. Olive Garden
    This low-fat “garden fare” menu helps keep you to have some healthier options during a party. Olive Garden provides a wide array of options on their catering menu from the traditional pastas to the salads and soups.  They also have options of whole grain pasta and gluten free items for those with dietary restrictions. You can order trays of food, meal bundles, and they even have a pasta station! The pasta station includes two pastas, three sauces, three toppings plus salads and bread sticks. Every catering order comes with extra grated cheese (a must!), utensils, table covers, plates, and napkins. Additionally, for those that need it, chafing dishes, racks, and fuel are also available when requested. 

Bonus – not really a restaurant or even a supermarket, but still a great option for healthy food if you focus on it:

  1. Walmart
    This is the one stop shop for all of your party planning needs. Not only can you get décor and paper products, you can get the food as well! This establishment is very affordable and inexpensive, for good quality food.  The Walmart catering menu prices are comparable, if not better priced than most caterers. Walmart can provide food for kid’s parties, family parties, or even business meetings. Menu options include fruit trays, sandwich platters, and chicken, meat, or pizza platters too! You can purchase these platters in various sizes – small platters serve ten or more people and the large platters are great for serving 25 people. Another service that Walmart offers is a cold breakfast catering option with bagels, desserts, cakes, and cookies. For catering orders, you can order online and schedule a pick-up time. Right now, Walmart does not deliver.