Olive Garden Catering Menu, Prices, and Delivery Info

The Olive Garden catering menu below lists all of their catering menu items and current prices. Olive Garden is known for delicious Italian food that's perfect for any occasion. Olive Garden specializes in all Italian food, and has outstanding selections from northern Italy, the Tuscan region, Sicilian options, as well as the rest of the country. For large catering orders, Olive Garden requests a minimum of 24 hours notice in order to accommodate you, but they prefer an even longer lead time (2-3 days if possible). This is especially true if the event and order size is large, such as for a large business reception, office Christmas party, wedding, or other similar event.

Below are the latest Olive Garden catering menu prices.

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Olive Garden is a US based casual dining restaurant chain specializing in Italian-American cuisine. It is a subsidiary of Darden Restaurants, Inc., headquartered in Orlando, Florida. Olive Garden currently operates almost 900 locations around the world.

The first Olive Garden was opened on December 13, 1982, in Orlando. By 1989, there were almost 150 Olive Garden restaurants, making it the fastest-growing units in the General Mills restaurant division (it was later spun off into it's own separate company). Olive Garden restaurants were uniformly popular, and the chain's per-store sales soon matched former sister company Red Lobster. The company eventually became the largest chain of Italian-themed full-service restaurants in the United States and still holds that title today.

Parent company Darden also announced it was going to begin co-locating Olive Garden and sibling chain Red Lobster locations. The new format stores are designed for smaller market locations and will have separate entrances and dining areas but operate a single kitchen and support areas. The dining areas of the new format will be half the standard area found in more traditional Darden chains, but the actual building will be larger than stand-alone operations of the chain. Menus will also remain separate, with customers only able to order from the location they are seated in. In 2014, Darden Restaurants announced intentions to sell Red Lobster, therefore closing two Olive Garden and Red Lobster co-locations in Georgia and South Carolina, and converting the remaining four co-locations into stand-alone Olive Garden restaurants.

Olive Garden is a restaurant with an Italian theme that has many locations in the United States. It was established by General Mills Inc. in 1982 with its first outlet in Orlando, Florida. The restaurant is marketed as a family restaurant offering meals inspired by Tuscany cuisine. The restaurant division of General Mills, Inc. separated from its parent company and formed its own publicly traded company Darden Restaurants in 1995. Since then, Olive Garden developed and maintained their commitment to authentic Tuscan cuisine. Their specialty in this type of cooking led to the creation of a culinary institute in Tuscany. From then on, the restaurant sends hundreds of its chefs and restaurant managers to the institute to learn the finer intricacies of Italian cuisine.

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