Panda Express Catering Menu, Prices, and Delivery Info

Panda Express Catering Prices

The Panda Express catering menu prices were updated one week ago. Panda express catering provides party platters and a variety of menu items for a variety of events - birthday parties, corporate events, and anything else that requires catering. They have a simple system that allows you to select a location, order catering online, and then schedule a date and time for pick up. However, Panda Express does not offer delivery for any catering orders - it's a requirement that you pick up the order.

Overall Panda Express catering is delicious, with a wide variety of options that are vegetarian friendly as well as those items suitable for meat eaters. Panda Express catering prices are reasonable and relatively inexpensive, and the Panda Express catering menu is broad with a ton of different options.

Catering Packages
12-16 People2 Party Tray Sides, 2 Party Tray Entrees, Fortune Cookies102.00
18-22 People3 Party Tray Sides, 3 Party Tray Entrees, Fortune Cookies143.00
26-30 People4 Party Tray Sides, 4 Party Tray Entrees, Fortune Cookies185.00
A La Cart Catering Menu - SIDES
Chow MeinStir Fried Wheat Noodles with Onions, Celery and Cabbage14.00
Fried RicePrepared Steamed White Rice with Soy Sauce, Eggs, Peas, Carrots, and Green Onions14.00
White Steamed Rice14.00
Brown Steamed Rice14.00
Mixed VeggiesA Healthful Medley of Broccoli, Zucchini, Carrots, String Beans, and Cabbage14.00
A La Cart Catering Menu - ENTREES
Honey Sesame Chicken BreastMade with thin, crispy strips of all-white meat chicken tossed with fresh-cut string beans, crisp yellow bell peppers in a sizzling hot wok with our new delicious honey sauce and topped off with sesame seeds.39.00
Grilled Teriyaki ChickenGrilled chicken hand-sliced to order and served with teriyaki sauce.39.00
Orange ChickenOur signature dish. Crispy chicken wok-tossed in a sweet and spicy orange sauce.39.00
SweetFire Chicken BreastCrispy, white-meat chicken, red bell peppers, onions, and pineapples in a bright and sweet chili sauce.39.00
String Bean Chicken BreastChicken breast, string beans and onions wok-tossed in a mild ginger soy sauce.39.00
Kung Pao ChickenA Szechwan-inspired dish with chicken, peanuts, and vegetables, finished with chili peppers.39.00
Mushroom ChickenA delicate combination of chicken, mushrooms and zucchini wok-tossed with a light ginger soy sauce.39.00
Black Pepper ChickenMarinated chicken, celery and onions in a bold black pepper sauce.39.00
Beijing BeefCrispy beef, bell peppers and onions in a sweet-tangy sauce.39.00
Shanghai Angus SteakAngus steak wok-seared with fresh string beans or asparagus, onion, and mushrooms in a savory sauce.54.00
Broccoli BeefA classic favorite. Tender beef and fresh broccoli in a ginger soy sauce.39.00
Honey Walnut ShrimpLarge tempura-battered shrimp, wok-tossed in a honey sauce and topped with glazed walnuts. Experience Pandamonium.54.00
Mixed VeggiesA Healthful Medley of Broccoli, Zucchini, Carrots, String Beans, and Cabbage14.00
Veggie Spring RollCabbage, celery, carrots, green onions, and Chinese noodles in a crispy wonton wrapper.39.00
Chicken Egg RollCabbage, carrot, mushrooms, green onions and chicken in a crispy wonton wrapper.39.00
Crispy ShrimpPrepared with marinated, butterflied shrimp that are cooked to a crispy golden brown.39.00
Cream Cheese RangoonWonton wrappers filled with cream cheese and served with sweet and sour sauce.30.00

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Panda Express Catering Hours and Delivery Options
Panda Express catering is available 7 days a week, for both lunch and dinner. However, Panda Express catering does not provide delivery - orders must be scheduled and picked up at a location near you.

Panda Express Company Information
Panda Express was founded by Chinese immigrants Andrew Cherng and his father, Master Chef Ming Tsai Cherng after immigrating to the United States from China, in 1973. Panda Express is classified as a fast casual restaurant chain that serves Americanized Chinese food. The chain currently has more than 1,900 locations, located in every state of the US, as well as numerous international locations based in South Korea, Canada, Mexico, and the United Arab Emirates.

The company is headquartered in Rosemead, California.

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